Alienware 17 R3 2015

Alienware 17 r3 2015

So this past year I sold my old laptop and was in need of a new one. I was looking for a fast performance laptop that will be able to cater to all my needs – gaming, editing pictures, videos, work, and more. I knew I didn’t want an ultra-book or one of the very thin HP’s or Toshiba laptops, as I wanted something more robust. Since I know a few people that own the Lenovo Y 50, and they were all satisfied with its performance (i7 gen 4 4710HQ, 16 GB Ram, 2k / 4k screen – but not the best battery life) I figured I would go in that direction. I looked on Lenovo’s website and saw they had a model called the Y70, which contained similar specs but just on a bigger 17.3 inch platform. I figured I would give it a shot. I ordered the y70 from the Lenovo website, and I was told it should take about 20 days to be manufactured. After waiting the long time period, the computer came, but to my disappointment, it came with a loose touchpad for the mouse – meaning whenever you clicked it, it would wiggle before the click was actually delivered. Naturally, that was something I could not deal with, and I returned the computer for a replacement. Believe it or not, this defect actually happened on the next two replacements they sent me as well! So after 3 Lenovo y70 computers, all came with a different defect in the mouse pad, I decided to return it and stay away from that model.

As I was looking for a new laptop, again, I was leaning towards the Asus ROG. Aside from its beautiful shell and looks, it is a pretty decent computer with similar specs. Right as I was about to place an order, I noticed an ad for the new Alienware 17 r3 2015 edition. From previous knowledge what I saw, I knew Alienware was an excellent but expensive brand. I clicked the ad and saw I could customize the configurations of the computer to my liking. Soon enough I placed the order, for a 17 inch 4k, 6th gen i7 6700hq with 16gb of Ram (2133Ghz) and a 256 SSD for boot with a Tera of HDD (which I obviously replaced with another 512 SSD for storage) and windows 10 pro. The computer was said to arrive in 20 days, so all I had to do was wait and hope I made the right decision – as this laptop exceeded the $2K. While waiting, I read plenty of reviews claiming Alienware is nothing but a lightshow, an empty brand producing low end machines, with plenty of problems and a bad warranty program. The truth is, that there are so many negative reviews about the brand I was about to cancel my order but decided to stick with it.

So the computer came, and it came in a box so well packed I refuse to throw it away. The computer itself is heavy, nearly 10 pounds, and fairly large – as it’s a 17.3 inch. The keyboard is very pleasant, and large as I have big hands. The mouse pad is not directly in the middle, but more to the left. The mouse buttons are good sized and you don’t have to use them as you can tap with one / two fingers for right / left click. The entire computer lights up, and you can customize every single light on this machine, from the mouse pad, to the keyboard, to the Alienware ON button – and even the outside shell of the case has lights. From my experience with it so far, the battery is very long lasting if you dim the screen and don’t play games, but just use it for work, browsing and such. The whole computer’s keyboard area is covered in a pleasant rubbery feel and gives you plenty of room to rest your palms – without even feeling any heat from the keyboard or palm area. I replaced the HDD with an SATA 3 SSD and it was very easy. All you had to do was take off two screws and pop off the back cover. There you have room for two PCIe SSD slots, and one SATA3 drive. The ram is also there, and you can replace it by simply removing and replacing it. Over all, the computer is very well built, you don’t feel like you might break it if you pick it up, and offers great performance. I would highly recommend this machine to everyone who want a machine that lasts for a long time, and give great performance.